nspir Studio Artist Barn Obj & fbx

nspir Studio Artist Barn Obj & fbx

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The Studio Artist Barn model and all its components, 341 mesh, are for any 3d program able to import an obj or fbx file and associated textures.  Maya, Modo, Blender, C4D, Vue, etc. The model was created in Modo 11.

The desire was to create the often dreamed of the idea of having a creative studio somewhere out in the country far from the maddening crowd, be it painting, Photography, Music or Computer Graphics. 

Since the model is both an exterior and interior structure of three levels with many components for these creative disciplines ..and a small attached Greenhouse, I have broken the model up into a number go layers for ease of moving things around as well as adding many more elements, and for better memory management to achieve such. There are also two terrains. A small. Close to the Barn and the second larger, mostly to one side.Documentation

Modo allows one to create subfolders of associated mesh items, a picture made up of 5 individual meshes. To move this item in the mesh listing, one needs to select all 5 items. Since one's application may not list the meshes in their sub groupings, I have included a document that shows what goes together. Another example is a floor lamp where I have it made up with separate meshes so one can raise or lower it. If you want to move something..best check this document.

Textures. Since this is an old refurbished building, much of it is based on UV'd textures, the wood, stone, plaster walls, pictures, tapestries, etc. But there are items which I have simply color tagged so one can apply whatever procedural materials they want which are available within their application of choice. One of these is Glass. Product images rendered in Vue, glass is one of those materials that are color tagged for an application. So in Vue, I have used one of their procedural materials for the bulk of the window glass, and another for the light bulbs in the exterior wall fixtures. Another is the Baby Grand. While the soundboard is textured in wood, just about everything else is a metal..not going to UV the strings..and the black Wood structure itself, black with some reflective properties.

The Product Renders. In an attempt to show what might be a start of a scene, I have includes a few figures, dogs, a vehicle and plants/trees/flowers. These items are not included. I must admit that I was ready to go wild with more items to give it that lived in look..but then that is where you come in.

Finally the framed pictures. All of these are based on my own works, both CG and Photography and are done so the one can simply replace the images with works of their own or that they like. Likewise, the exterior signpost panel with my DW logo on it is also done so one can do their own.

While there is a lot to this model already, I hope that you will take it as a starting point. A few more pizza boxes even some soda cans, which I have left out this time..would be nice.


Architecture, Props, Furniture, Technology

High-Poly, 3D, Unity, 3D Model, 3DS, Blender

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