nspir Artist Studio Barn for Vue 9+

nspir Artist Studio Barn for Vue 9+

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The Studio Artist Barn is that often dreamed of artist retreat to house all our creative interests. The model is a full exterior, an interior model that also includes many of the main items photographers, musicians, CG artist, and painters would have about such a structure. I have not even forgotten those artists with a green thumb and so you have a small greenhouse attached off the side complete with plant tables for you to go wild with. Everything you see in the base renders is included..EXCEPT…. the figure, which is just to give you an idea of the space. The Landscape renders with smaller thumbnails of the interior is set in a Vue landscape which is not included. 

The paintings on the walls, photography, signage, which is all my own work, can be replaced with your own by simply using an image that has the same x,y ratio to replace mine in the material editor. In fact, I have removed the two nudes, my own photography for those who might be offended… which can be edited with your own. So load up the walls with your own work. 

Just about everything is moveable, can be duplicated, resized where you might want to. While I have placed magazines and coke cans around everywhere, I'm a huge Diet Coke drinker…this is to show you how you might continue with the make-a-lived-in-look…. about the place…I can imagine pizza boxes, sneakers, and clothing hanging off the railing by those who will really get into doing their own vision. While this is a large complex model due to the items included, more then 500 objects, 250 materials, 17+ lights, it is only 1.6K polygons. While there is a small terrain around the Barn, it can be deleted and a block has been provided for those who want to do a boolean operation to cut through their own terrain. There are a number of items that work, or adjustable so please read the technical description.

To make it easy to see inside and place additional items you may have, or move items around, I have grouped floors. There is a Roof, single item, the Main section assembly, the Loft Assembly, the Exterior Assembly, and finally the Boolean block. A number of items are in pieces because they can be adjusted, or have lights attached. I have moved all the lights into a Lights Group with names corresponding to their objects. To move these, or duplicate like the Floor Lamp..you will need to select both the grouped items elements and go up and select the corresponding light. Remember that to be able to do relighting you will need to up group all the lights so they are on the main level. I have one photographer's mag and all the rest are 3D Artist..all you need to do to replace these or add your own is again screen capture a mag cover of your choice. While I have two hanging plants, I leave plantings to you landscape artists….I can just see a weeping willow hanging over the edge of the drive now. Oh, while I'm down on the pavement, there is a garage that the circular stairs continue down to and I have place light panels in the rafters. The doors, garage, front, greenhouse all open. Pots for you to fill, patio furniture, even garden house stations around the house and in the greenhouse. Hope you enjoy the possibilities… Oh..could not resist and did a quick California Pizza box sitting at the front door.

Finally, I have included an extra set of Greenhouse tables with plants and flowers. There is also a ceiling light to use in the greenhouse as well as for the ceiling in the garage.

Architecture, Props, Furniture

High-Poly, 3D, 3D Model, VUE

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